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The 2022-20223 school year is about to start, and we want to ensure you have everything your students, staff, and parents need for this coming year!

From your classic school spirit t-shirt and branded tote bags to digital solutions that will take the guesswork out of collecting orders and fulfillment, Team Phun is a one-stop-shop solution!

Continue below to look at our top picks for this new year!


Stock your school store with classic wearables to be worn all year! Branded wearables are the perfect way to bring everyone together to support the student's education and the school itself!

Make it easy for all students to participate in your school Spirit Day with branded t-shirts. We have access to all youth sizing, so no one has to be left out! For the morning drop-off parents, allow them to have that on-hand branded zip-up for the chillier mornings. For all the newer students, make sure they have options to get excited for the new school year! Are you thinking about the holidays already? Make it easy for families to give a patch hat to their extended families as gifts!

There are so many phun options to choose from; check out our list of phavorites below!

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Whether college or pre-school, all educational institutions can benefit from school promotional products!

Using promotional items for schools is a fantastic way to create school spirit and facilitate repeat brand exposure for dozens of students, parents, and teachers. Schools can use promotional items for fundraisers or build school loyalty. Parents, faculty, alumni, and students are always eager to support their educational institution!

From branded drinkware to bags, there are promotional products useful for every grade and department! Check out our top picks below!