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simple stores

the easiest way to collect orders

In the spirit of simplicity, these single-page stores will help you order online in a snap! Simple Stores are ideal for collecting orders, pop-up shops, temporary or seasonal stores, and fundraising.

it's the simplicity that makes it perfect

demo site

Our Simple Stores are perfect for when you aren't exactly sure how much product you need.

Coaching a little league? Send the link to the parents to order the uniforms. Have a t-shirt idea? See how many are interested before ordering. Need to run a fundraiser? Put all products on one site for people to purchase. 

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single column page

All products are listed out in a single column on one page.
There’s no homepage or product categories which makes it easy for the shopper to navigate. Perfect for stores with less than 10 items.

it gets even more simple?

Set up is easy, because we do it for you! Once you decide on the products, our digital services team will build the site. All you need to do is send out the link to collect orders!

Once all orders are placed, Team Phun will manage the production of each item and individually ship out each order.


features included

  • Checkout page

  • Personalization Field

  • Store Personalization

  • Report & Suite Custom Reports

  • Order Management

  • Sales Tax

  • Shipping

  • Payment Methods

  • Order Goals

  • Countdown Clock

  • Product Options

  • Products

  • Single-Page Storefront

simple store faq

Review the frequently asked questions below for more information on our Simple Store process and how it can benefit you!

contact us today to get started!

Contact your local sales representative or EMAIL

Work with your local Team Phun sales rep to find out what else we have to offer!
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team phun can also help with:

and so much more!


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