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You've Got to be Kitting Me!

Hit a milestone with your company? Signed up for a virtual wine tasting? You may receive a “kit” of branded products; tumblers, stemware, coffee mugs, ethically sourced coffee from a faraway land, and of course hand sanitizer and masks. Kits are becoming very common in the digital age supporting consumers, employees, companies, and experiences worldwide.

Team Phun elevates the experience of getting merchandise (whether for promo, retail, health, etc) by curating custom products, packaging, and global logistics for the end-users. With our team of designers, engineers, and operational partners, we have a kit for every occasion.

  • Product Launch Kit

  • Welcome Kit

  • Appreciation Kit

  • Health Kit

  • Tradeshow-in-a-Box Kit

Follow along on our case study with SmartMarketer

Case Study: SmartMarketer

Who They Are: SmartMarketer is a marketing company that creates and publishes eCommerce digital training programs for fellow marketers and business owners.

Desired Kit: SmartMarketer wanted to create several different kits. Some kits go to members who have hit milestones, welcome packs to new members who join, and a health kit for those attending a convention. (Pandemic safety amirite?).

Step One: Ideation

SmartMarketer came to Team Phun expressing their need to curate several different kits and discussed their vision with our sales reps. Merchandise was selected for the specific kits and then the design of the packaging to house the kit. Team Phun can use a company's current brand standards or our graphic designers can always create something new.

(Ideation for SmartMarketer's custom kit)

Step Two: Mock-up / Digital Proof

Once the vision of SmartMarketer was conceptualized our graphic designers began creating a digital proof for the company to approve. Team Phun will send your digital proof within a few business days.

(Team Phun's digital proof for SmartMarketer's packaging)

Step Three: Final Product

From start to finish these kits took 6-8 weeks. Production times can vary due to inventory and merchandise selected for each kit, along with the necessary branding for products.