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Thirsty for a Promotional Product that Works?

Personalized drinkware is a staple for any marketing campaign. No matter what industry you are in, it is a valuable go-to promotional item that is statistically very effective!

Recent studies have shown that drinkware items get an average of 1,400 impressions for your brand in its average lifetime. This equates to less than a penny per impression which is way less than any type of online advertising.* Even better- it is not specific to any particular audience either! 84% of baby boomers and 71% of Gen X'ers own promotional drinkware.

Now, which kind of drinkware should you choose?

At Team Phun, we have a solution for every occasion. We can help you find the right product to fit the needs of your event or marketing strategy. Some of our most popular drinkware options are:

• Barware for bar & restaurant events or home gifts • Hydroflasks and water bottles as corporate gifts or for retail • Disposable drinkware for outdoor events • Budget water bottles for promotional giveaways • Traveling coffee tumbler's and mugs • Silicone drinkware for spaces that don't allow glass like hotel pools

Drinkware accessories have also always been an effective marketing tool. Specifically, stainless steel straws have taken over a huge part of the promotional product industry since plastic straw brands started going into effect across the country. Other top accessories are:

• Flasks • Coozies • Pint Sleeves • Bottle openers • Wine Keys

Last but not least, we can also work with you on custom drinkware like what we did for Coin-Op in San Diego, California. We reverse engineered custom Capri-Sun like pouches for their Barcade clients, and are a huge hit!

Contact Us Now to get started on some Phun drinkware!

* Global Ad Impressions Study, 2019

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