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Team Phun's Custom Pocket Program!

Spring is here! Yay! The blossoming of trees, a steady stream of sunshine, and the opportunity to show off some skin. Toss those sweaters back in the closet and pull on some custom pocket tees, courtesy of yours truly, Team Phun! Follow along on our case study this week with Fernet Branca.

Custom Pocket Program

Customization Process

*choose a style of shirt; crew, v-neck, scoop, even tank tops!

*color of the shirt

*choose or create imagery/pattern/logo for custom pocket

All custom pockets are created using full-color sublimation, this allows for as much customization as possible.

Case Study: Fernet-Branca

Desired Product: Custom pocket tee with updated artwork using their current logo

Step One: Ideation

Fernet-Branca knew they wanted a custom pocket tee, but wanted to expand on their current logo of an eagle flying in the sky. They worked closely with our graphic designers to create a new design that would stand out on their desired tee.

(Team Phun can always upgrade a current logo or design something new for your company/brand)

(Graphic design process / selection process)

Step Two: Mock-up / Digital Proof

Once the new design was approved, our graphic design team submitted a mock-up/ digital proof to Fernet-Branca for final approval before moving into production. (Digital proof is submitted to your company within a few business days).

(Team Phun mock-up for client Fernet-Branca)

Step Three: Final Product

Once the final product was manufactured, it was sent to Team Phun for QC before being shipped directly to Fernet-Branca. (Current production time for custom pocket tees is 6-8 weeks.)

(Final product - custom pocket tee created by Team Phun for Fernet-Branca)

Another happy customer!!!

Check out a few of our custom pocket tee projects!

(Video showcases custom pocket-tees created by Team Phun for our clients; barleymash, Low Tide Brewing, Murfey Company, and Ballast Point.

Looking to create custom pocket tees your employees or clients can’t wait to wear? Contact us now to get started!

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