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Team Phun's Custom Packaging Program!

Let’s discuss Custom Packaging!

Product packaging should be attractive, well-designed to protect what’s inside and make the consumer excited about your product. Team Phun can create custom packaging for your brand/company! We design shipping boxes, to-go boxes/bags, food wrappers, and even retail-ready display boxes. Follow along on our retail-ready packaging case study with local San Diego, CA company Better Grip!

Custom Packaging Possibilities:

* wax paper

* pizza boxes

* drink pouches

* to-go bags

* Looking for something specific? We can make it! The possibilities are endless!

(Examples of custom packaging)

Retail Ready Packaging Customizations

(Retail Ready Packaging Customizations)

Case Study: Better Grip

Product: A liquid solution that creates a barrier on your hands, repelling sweat, and allowing for a tighter and better grip. This product is perfect to use for tennis, hot yoga, golf, clay shooting, and even pole dancing. ;) The opportunities to use Better Grip are endless!

(Better Grip product)

Better Grip packaging requirements: Eye-catching custom packaging and Retail Ready Packaging allowing for quick and convenient display of merchandise.

* Retail Ready Packaging allows for custom modifications like perforations and cutouts to make your box function as both packaging and a display box for when sitting on a retailer’s counter.

Step One: Ideation

Better Grip needed a box that would work both as a way to ship the product and transform into a countertop display box for retail stores. With custom cutouts, we were able to create a visually appealing display box that would stand out from competitors. Remember: Team Phun can rebrand or create custom artwork for any project!

(Design Process)

Step Two: Digital Proof / Mock-up