Team Phun's Custom Packaging Program!

Let’s discuss Custom Packaging!

Product packaging should be attractive, well-designed to protect what’s inside and make the consumer excited about your product. Team Phun can create custom packaging for your brand/company! We design shipping boxes, to-go boxes/bags, food wrappers, and even retail-ready display boxes. Follow along on our retail-ready packaging case study with local San Diego, CA company Better Grip!

Custom Packaging Possibilities:

* wax paper

* pizza boxes

* drink pouches

* to-go bags

* Looking for something specific? We can make it! The possibilities are endless!

(Examples of custom packaging)

Retail Ready Packaging Customizations

(Retail Ready Packaging Customizations)

Case Study: Better Grip

Product: A liquid solution that creates a barrier on your hands, repelling sweat, and allowing for a tighter and better grip. This product is perfect to use for tennis, hot yoga, golf, clay shooting, and even pole dancing. ;) The opportunities to use Better Grip are endless!

(Better Grip product)

Better Grip packaging requirements: Eye-catching custom packaging and Retail Ready Packaging allowing for quick and convenient display of merchandise.

* Retail Ready Packaging allows for custom modifications like perforations and cutouts to make your box function as both packaging and a display box for when sitting on a retailer’s counter.

Step One: Ideation

Better Grip needed a box that would work both as a way to ship the product and transform into a countertop display box for retail stores. With custom cutouts, we were able to create a visually appealing display box that would stand out from competitors. Remember: Team Phun can rebrand or create custom artwork for any project!

(Design Process)

Step Two: Digital Proof / Mock-up

Once the vision of Better Grip was established our graphic designers began creating mock-ups that then required approval from the company/brand. Typically Team Phun will have your mock-up sent to you within a couple of business days.

(Better Grip design mock-up)

Step Three: Final Product

For this particular product, the custom packaging was available about 3-4 weeks from final approval. Depending upon the project, production times will vary.

(Team Phun's custom packaging for client Better Grip)

Another happy client in the books!!!

Team Phun loves creating custom packaging! Looking to spruce up your current packaging? Send us a note below and let's get started!