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Team Phun COVID-19 rapid response

Team Phun has been a branding and promotional product distributor that services the entire country with offices in San Diego, CA and Charleston, SC for the last six years.  However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to completely pivot our business to supply non-branded medical supplies for emergency purposes. 

With our direct factory relationships with national and global manufacturers, we have been able to validate our supply chain of KN95 masks, full protective gowns, latex gloves, and almost everything that our American First Responders have been in short supply of. 

Within a week, we have secured emergency medical supplies for numerous Hospitals, Fire Departments, and hospices not only in San Diego, CA and Charleston, SC but across the entire country including Los Angeles, San Diego, Detroit, New York City, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and so many more.  

Starting today, we are able to schedule daily shipments of these needed products and our entire team is working around the clock to make sure the first responders get the products they need in this critical time.  

We are supplying multiple mask types, but have received a few questions specifically about the N95 and the KN95 and where the differences lie.

According to the FDA, "An N95 respirator is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles.The 'N95' designation means that when subjected to careful testing, the respirator blocks at least 95 percent of very small (0.3 micron) test particles. If properly fitted, the filtration capabilities of N95 respirators exceed those of face masks." More information can be viewed here.

The N95 mask and KN95 mask are virtually the same, with the N95 mask being held to a United States standard, while the KN95 is held to a Chinese standard. The standard test however is extremely similar. More information can be found at this test and comparison document published by 3M.

We are incredibly thankful for all the local and national support we have had over the years, and are grateful to continue to service those inside and outside of our community.

If you or someone you know working in the medical industry are in need of supplies, please tell them to have their Director of Supply Management at their facility contact