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Swing into Spring Sports

Spring is officially here and with that comes spring sports season! Show your love for the game by creating team-inspired merchandise! From baseball to golf we have you covered!

(Image of branded merchandise Team Phun can create for your business!)

Give sports fans the connection they crave by creating retail merch in your chosen team colors. Studies have found that when spectator fans wore sports team apparel they felt a camaraderie with others, a connection with their phavorite team, and felt a part of the game.


Here in sunny San Diego, the Padres baseball team rules supreme and we love creating products for local bars and restaurants that support the Padres. From patches, hats, shirts, and even branded pint glasses the options to support your team are limitless! Some of our phavorite local bars; Dirty Birds, Luce, and Fast Times love to display their affinity for the Padres and Team Phun has created retail merch for them to celebrate that team spirit!

(Images of Team Phun client Dirty Birds retail merch inspired by the San Diego Padres)

Last year Dirty Birds wanted to show their love for the Padres by creating branded wearables with their name in the Padres' font and colors, and their customers loved it so much that this year they decided to have Team Phun create their own Padres graphic as well!

(Images of retail merchandise Team Phun has created for San Diego clients Luce and Fast Times)

Fast Times and Luce were both looking for a more subtle but creative way to show their love for the Padres by taking their usual merch and adding Padres colors to it. Fast Times made patches in the Padres colors that they were able to put on jackets and hats! Luce added the Padres colors to their logo for employee uniforms and retail merch. Each of these tactics reached a Padre fan base whenever they dined at the respective restaurants.

Looking for something more work-appropriate on casual Fridays? Create an elevated team-inspired garment with sports-tech polos. This way consumers can show off their love for the game at work in more “professional” attire.

(Images of branded polos in Men's and Women's silhouettes)