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Summer Resort Accessories!

No matter the location; beach, pool, restaurant, hotel, or large resort, there’s one thing customers love, and that’s something tangible they can leave with, something to remind them of a moment in time. Some may call them just souvenirs, but we like to think of them as keepsakes.

Adding a custom touch to an item/product can give customers a sense of excitement and connection to a brand/business. AKA brand loyalty. We’ve curated a list of our phavorite customizable Rhesort Accessories to transport your clientele to summer paradise.

Custom Drinkware

Team Phun offers a myriad of ways for clients to cool off in this summer heat! Proudly display your business on a thermochromic cup, reusable aluminum water bottle, or "punch pail". Ralph's personal phavorite happens to be the thermochromic cup! This phun color-changing cup tells your customers when it's time for their next round! Create a custom design for your drinkware with our graphic designers utilizing an imprint or etched image!

Custom Headwear

Summer means sunshine and lots of it! Shield your customers from the sun with our custom patch lifeguard hats and roll-up visor! Create unique one-of-a-kind patches that will have your guests ooo-ing and ahhh-ing.

Resort Accessories

This collection of simple branded accessories can be used for promo products, a gift upon arrival/check-in for an event (sunscreen/sunglasses), or a participation award (beach ball). Create custom fanny packs for customers so they can enjoy themselves hands-free (great for when renting a bike) or help them dry off in style with a beach towel flaunting your logo. The options to create truly unique keepsakes are endless and Team Phun will guide you every step of the way!

Looking to create custom keepsakes for your business or brand? Need custom "punch pails" for an upcoming signature drink special??? Contact Team Phun today!!