Summer mode is slowly turning on with longer and warmer days which means it's time to get your summer offerings in order and ready to be enjoyed. Level up your events by adding curated experiences that'll create lasting memories for everyone!


One seamless sheet of corrugated plastic quickly transforms from box to boat using origami folds to deliver incredible performance, and lightweight materials making it easy to handle and responsive on the water.

Whether you are a hotel looking to offer water activities, a business looking for a phun product to be added to your silent auction, or a brand having a summer event, with the help of our corporate program, your brand can help create good moments on the water for years to come!

(Image of a branded Origami Kayak on the water)

(Spec sheet for the Inlet Kayak and the Beach Lt Kayak.

Description of decoration locations on the kayak)


Inflatable paddleboards are easy to transport, require less storage space, and can last for years to come. Take it anywhere and it'll be ready to go in minutes. Constructed with layers of military-grade PVC, inflatable paddleboards are just as rigid and durable as epoxy paddleboards, just easier to bring with you on all your adventures!

Now, your brand can be at the forefront of customers' minds as they find balance on the water, and peace in their busy lives. With the help of our corporate branding programs, your brand can help people experience tranquility day in and day out!

(Image of a branded inflatable paddleboard)

(Spec sheet for the Pioneer, Explorer, Scout, and Megalodon Paddleboards)

(Description of decoration locations on the inflatable paddleboard and carry bag)


No one wants to constantly dodge campfire smoke and have their clothes and hair smell for hours after. Solo Stove's signature design is all about maximizing the joy of the moment through their Signature 360 Airflow Design that creates an efficient burn with less smoke and minimal ash to clean.

We know the best moments are made together. Now your brand can be at the forefront of everyone's minds as they make new memories around the fire. With our corporate etching program, your brands can help create good moments day in and day out!

(Image of an etched Bonfire Solo Stove)

(Spec sheet for the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon Solo Stoves.

Description of decoration locations for the Solo Stoves.)

Summer 2022 catalog

We know staying up-to-date with currently trending products is vital for any business. However, with so many products out there, it can be overwhelming to choose. To help you decide, we put together a Team Phun Summer 2022 catalog with the top trending items from apparel to promo products. Take a look and download it for later 👇

have something else in mind for this summer? Connect with us and we'll be happy to help you get started!

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