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Stand Out & Stay Relevant with Social Media

This week we wrap up our deep dive into Team Phun’s Digital Marketing Services Series with Social Media. Why is it important? Who needs social media? Personally, it’s hard to think of someone who doesn’t even use social media! Even my grandma uses it! Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, the list goes on.

Creating campaigns, whether paid or organic, through social media platforms is an integral part of a business’ marketing strategy. Consumers can visualize your brand/product via multiple avenues, learning more about your product, and ultimately leading to brand loyalty. Social media can amplify your brand, drive sales, and allows you to communicate directly with your audience.

But social media can be time-consuming as well, creating entertaining content weekly if not daily, posting on multiple platforms, and strategizing campaigns. This is where our social media services come into play. Team Phun has several options to optimize your business’ social media game; whether you are looking to get started or boost your current social media presence we have you covered.

Through Team Phun's Social Media Services your Business can:

* Give feedback, answer questions, and engage with consumers

all in ONE place across multiple social media platforms

* Use the provided Calendar to schedule ready-to-publish posts

* Review analytics from your previous posts

* All-in-one-Composer - post to multiple platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business from one hub

* Monthly call with Team Phun’s Content Team to create relevant posts with value

* Direct Instagram Posting - plan and schedule Instagram posts to publish automatically

Looking to up your Social Media game? Contact Team Phun now to get started!