Simple Store Solutions 2022

We love Simple Stores! The ease and simplicity of this program make it a no-brainer. But what exactly is a simple store?

Simple Stores are easy to navigate single-page e-commerce websites, listing the exact products you can make for an event, fundraiser, sports league, or limited edition products. These simple stores run for a limited time period, motivating shoppers to purchase.

(Image highlighting the ease of Simple Stores)

When to use a Simple Store.

Simple stores are great to use when you’re unsure of the demand for a product you want to sell. Production of ordered merchandise does not start until all orders have been placed and the simple store has closed. Thus providing you with an exact number and avoiding ordering too much product or ordering too little which could lead to loss of sales.

How many products should be offered?

We recommend 10-15 products maximum. This gives your customers the ability to view products on a single page making navigation on the site a breeze. Setting goals on the simple store website lets customers know how close you are to reaching it! And placing a countdown clock on the site lets shoppers know time is of the essence.

What other options are there for e-commerce?

Redemption sites are another great option. These work well for companies offering products to employees. Did your employee hit a career milestone? Have they reached their 10 year anniversary at your company? Treat employees with a redemption code that can be used on the e-commerce site to claim their gift. No payment, shipping, or sales tax for the employee selecting a gift they are eligible for.

(Image of multiple ways to use a Simple Store service by Team Phun)

Follow along on our case study with La Jolla Lacrosse and the Simple Store Team Phun created for them.

Case Study: La Jolla Lacrosse Simple Store

Location: La Jolla, CA

Client: La Jolla Lacrosse is a youth recreational league for school-aged children from K-8th grade. This program is a non-profit organization teaching not only the fundamentals of lacrosse but respect, leadership, and sportsmanship for the younger generation.

Desired Product: The club wanted an easy way to collect and place orders for team uniforms and retail merch for parents and families to show their support. Enter the Simple Store. The Simple Store allows for an easy streamlined service to place orders without the hassle of lost paper order slips and brings into play the safety and security of ordering online instead.

Step One: Ideation: La Jolla Lacrosse already had a logo they wanted to use on items for purchase, so all they had to do was select the different styles of clothing they wanted to place on their simple stores, including accessories such as hats and socks. Remember: Team Phun can rebrand or create custom artwork for any project!

(Image of La Jolla Lacrosse logos)

Step Two: Digital Mockups

Team Phun graphic designers created a digital proof for La Jolla Lacrosse. This proof displayed the logo on several shirts, shorts, hats, and socks that they wanted to sell on the Simple Store webpage. Team Phun’s digital service team created the Simple Store and personalized it to their specifications. A single URL was created specifically for this store and given to parents, family members, and teammates to place their orders.

(Interactive digital mockup of items chosen for La Jolla Lacrosse simple store, press arrows to view)

Step Three: Final Product

Simple Stores have a limited time frame and typically close after 2-3 weeks. The store connects directly to Team Phun’s shipping system. Once the shop is closed then production commences on the orders. Production will typically take 2-3 weeks and the product will ship directly to consumers from Team Phun. (This current simple store is still ongoing at the time of publication)

(Image of La Jolla Lacrosse Simple Store created by Team Phun)

(Image mockup of a final product for La Jolla Lacrosse, this simple store is still active so production has not commenced)

Check out our case study on the simple store Team Phun created for Derby California here.

Interested in creating your own Simple Store? Have an upcoming fundraiser? Need to create a redemption site? Contact us today to get started and learn more!