Simple Store Solution

Producing the perfect amount of product/merchandise can be difficult. Ordering too much can waste money or product, ordering too little can lead to potential loss of sales. How can you predict the correct quantity of merchandise?


Enter Simple Stores.

Simple Stores are easy to navigate single-page e-commerce websites, listing the exact products you can make for an event, fundraiser, or limited edition products. These simple stores run only for a limited time period, motivating shoppers to purchase.

(Image describing features of a Simple Store)

Team Phun's Simple Store Features

-Single page storefront

-Store personalization

-Order goal (Inspire shoppers with your company goal/fundraiser)

-Countdown clock (motivate shoppers!)

-Product logo/artwork virtualization

-Personalization fields

-Storefront artwork selection

-Checkout page customization

Interested??? Team Phun has you covered!

Follow along on our case study with reality-TV duo Kentucky and Derby!

(Image of Kentucky and Derby (c) Derby California)

Case Study: Simple Store Website for Derby California

Location: Sunny San Diego, CA!

Who: Kentucky and his dog Derby are best friends living their best lives in San Diego. Derby is an avid surfer competing in competitions several times a year, with Kentucky by his side. They are currently training to become a pet therapy team, working on a children’s book together, and even have a hoodie brand.

Kentucky and Derby were contestants on The Pack which aired on Amazon Prime last year. Kentucky wanted to create a Simple Store website to promote their Derby California merchandise and coincide with the launch of the show. Unsure if there would be a market for their shirts he felt this would be the best way to test out the waters.

Step One: Ideation

Derby California came to Team Phun with a logo on hand. They wanted to showcase their logo on limited-edition T-shirts alongside the release of The Pack. Team Phun can rebrand or create custom artwork for any project!

(Derby California's logo)

Step Two: Digital Mockups

Team Phun graphic designers created a digital proof for Derby California. This proof displayed the logo on several shirts that they wanted to sell on the Simple Store webpage. Team Phun also created the Simple Store and personalized it to their specifications.

(Example of Team Phun digital mock-up for Derby California's Simple Store)

(Example of Derby California's Simple Store created by Team Phun)

Step Three: Final Product

Simple Stores have a limited time frame and typically close after 2-3 weeks. Once the shop is closed then production commences on the orders. Production will typically take 2-3 weeks and the product will ship directly to consumers from Team Phun.

Derby California had a goal of 48 shirts to sell, and ended up selling 158!!! They had such a great experience they ran another Simple Store and ultimately decided they had a market to create their own Company Store. Derby California also donates a portion of every hoodie sale to the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

(Image of final product for Derby California created by Team Phun)

(Image of final product for Derby California created by Team Phun)

Another Happy Customer!!!

Thinking about selling merchandise but unsure if there is a demand for your product? Looking to test the waters before committing to a full e-commerce shop? Learn more here!

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