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Simple Store Solution

Producing the perfect amount of product/merchandise can be difficult. Ordering too much can waste money or product, ordering too little can lead to potential loss of sales. How can you predict the correct quantity of merchandise?


Enter Simple Stores.

Simple Stores are easy to navigate single-page e-commerce websites, listing the exact products you can make for an event, fundraiser, or limited edition products. These simple stores run only for a limited time period, motivating shoppers to purchase.

(Image describing features of a Simple Store)

Team Phun's Simple Store Features

-Single page storefront

-Store personalization

-Order goal (Inspire shoppers with your company goal/fundraiser)

-Countdown clock (motivate shoppers!)

-Product logo/artwork virtualization

-Personalization fields

-Storefront artwork selection

-Checkout page customization

Interested??? Team Phun has you covered!

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