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Signage & Displays: Our Picks and Tips!

Create visually stunning and even environmentally friendly display pieces for your brand or business. Get in on the action and breathe new life into your signage and displays!

(Rendering of Team Phun Offerings of Signage & Displays)

How can signage & displays enhance your business? Here are Team Phun’s phavorite Signage & Displays Picks & Tips!

Remember: Create a stunning first impression!

Captivate your future and current clients with displays and signage that are professional, clear & concise, and interesting to look at.

34% of North American shoppers look to a brand’s on-premise signage to inform their opinions of the store and product quality.

Directional Displays

Allow customers and clients to find you!

Have a brick & mortar shop/restaurant? Doing a pop-up event at a 5K run. Make sure attendees and shoppers can find your place of business. Design eye-catching signs that lead the way to your location!

(Directional signage created for Team Phun client Royal Rooster)

Some other great floor and wall examples that help with safety!

Employee only signage Not a public restroom signage Enter and Exit sign Sitting area Maintaining social distancing

Trade Show Displays

The perfect locale to display eye-catching designs that make a statement.

Some key visibility concerns to think about…

Does my display serve a purpose?

Is it letting customers know who you are? Where you are? Or what your brand or business has to offer?

Placement is everything!

Don’t let your signage or display obstruct views or block other elements of your booth.

Don’t blend in!

This is your opportunity to shine and stand out. Factor in the other color schemes of your event space and make a splash with some punchy color with unique displays!

Ralph's Pick!
  • Corrugated displays

  • Products that are engineered, printed, die-cut, corrugated cardboard that transforms from flat sheets into high quality, load-bearing furniture designed for both business and personal use.

  • From bars and cocktail tables to bins and shelving units, all products are 100% recyclable and manufactured in the US.

  • Full-color printing and sublimation

  • Add any design you want

  • Step and repeat pattern