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signage & displays

Captivate your future and current clients with signage and displays that are professional, clear & concise, and interesting to look at.

Whether you are looking for indoor, outdoor, or multipurpose displays for your brand, Team Phun has the solutions you need to create visually stunning pieces that will add the extra wow factor!

Follow below for our top picks and how to use these displays effectively!

indoor displays

Indoor displays can create a stunning first impression for whoever walks in your door or comes to your booth at a trade show or event. We know they say never to judge a book by its cover, but your displays are the first thing a new customer notices when entering your space and should be an extension of your brand.

Check out some ideas below! 👇

Signage and displays allow you to engage with your audience even if you aren't directly speaking with them. Are you looking for ways to maximize the impact of your promotional displays?

  • Welcome guests at a sponsored conference

  • Guide toursits to exciting destinations

  • Activate new clients

  • Communicate new products

  • Promote discounts

Want to check out all of our indoor display options? Visit our online catalog here!

outdoor displays

Did you know that 34% of North American shoppers look to a brand's on-premise signage to inform their opinion of the store and product quality? Yes, you might have the best product on the market or the best team that offers incredible service. Still, if no one can recognize that as an outsider looking in, you can end up missing out on so many opportunities to be discovered by new clients and audiences.

Outdoor displays could be as simple as an a-frame sign showing what discount you are offering inside your storefront or a show-stopping canopy tent to ensure you are seen and recognized at all outdoor events.

Look through more ideas below 👇

To maximize your outdoor promotional displays, make sure to think about the following:

  • Is your display encouraging your community or audience to get excited about your offerings?

  • Are you informing your customers what steps they need to take to use or purchase your offerings?

  • Does your display create a space to welcome new customers?

  • Are your signs promoting your offerings most clearly and concisely?

Keep those questions in mind when considering your options to create the most significant impact!

Interested in checking out other outdoor display options? Visit our online catalog here!

game displays

Yep, we said it. Games can be used as an impactful display whether you need an attraction for your booth display or you are looking to create a branded experience that will make your customers want to come back!

Have you ever heard of the Mere Exposure Effect? It's a phenomenon causing people to like something more due to previous exposure to it, however brief and fleeting. Using custom games at your event or location will expose your audience to your brand without even knowing it! Whether playing table tennis or throwing a branded bean bag into a custom cornhole set, after they have left your booth or event, they will have a fond memory of your brand the next time they are exposed to it.

Not sure where to begin? Check out some of our phavorites below 👇

Displays should create a memorable experience and what better way to do that than with an engaging game!

Look through our Branded Games catalog here for more ideas!

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