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Remember to place end-of-year orders now!

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and now is the time to place your orders through Team Phun! With the upcoming holidays and imports already being delayed, placing your orders before Dec 1st allows for extra processing time.

We want to remain as transparent as possible to make sure you are not overly promised anything, which is why we suggest ordering any overseas products by Dec 1st to have a little more room for unknown delays and to receive your orders by February 1st. No rush services will be available until after the holidays.

Why are orders being delayed?

The pandemic for one created such a halt on manufacturing/production that when lockdowns were lifted consumers went back to ordering and over-ordering to make up for lost time resulting in a surge of demand. But production had ceased during the early pandemic so everyone is in overdrive, and the backlog of container ships in ports all over the world is adding to the delays. (Check out a real-time view of container ships stretching along the West Coast here!)

(Container ship at port)


With the upcoming holidays, orders will take longer to receive. Domestic orders should be placed by Dec 1st to receive them by end of the year.

(Image of a lantern festival that takes place during the Lunar New Year)

International orders are currently taking 1-2 months to receive. If international orders are placed by Dec 1st or sooner, orders should be received by February 1st, prior to the Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year can last up to 16 days and starts February 1st, 2022, and most international manufacturers and their factories are closed during this time.

Lack of Employees

There is a current shortage of truck drivers at the moment only adding to the ongoing stressors of logistics and shipping.

What products are considered International?

International Orders Include:

- patches

- pins & coins

- custom apparel projects

Interested in learning more about backlogged shipping ports? Click here.

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