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Seamless Fulfillment Program

Did you know that Team Phun can build and host your company’s e-commerce shop, store your inventory, AND manage shipping of the product directly to your consumers/clients? It’s true! Here at Team Phun, we manage all aspects of fulfillment!

Team Phun’s Fulfillment Program

-Build/Host your e-commerce shop

-Design/Curate your inventory

-Utilize our bi-coastal warehouse operations for storage

-Global logistics to ship product internationally

-Handle and Ship your orders directly to consumers

(Image of Team Phun's Fulfillment Program Offerings)

Follow along on our case study with NDWA (National Domestic Workers Alliance).

Case Study: NDWA

Project: NDWA wanted to create an online shop to be used for internal access, warehouse storage to hold inventory, and handling/shipping of products directly to consumers or event sites.

Program Breakdown

E-commerce shop

NDWA wanted to create a private online shop so that their purchasing manager would be able to view their current inventory at any moment, order inventory accordingly, or select inventory to ship. Learn about Team Phun’s digital marketplace offerings.

(Example of NDWA's e-commerce shop)

Warehouse Storage

NDWA has merchandise, signage, and kitting inventory they needed space for. They were able to store their inventory in one of Team Phun’s warehouse locations. Our warehouse accommodates company’s products in an orderly and efficient manner. When NDWA needs shirts and masks for an upcoming event, they can easily look online at their current inventory and then submit an order. Team Phun’s warehouse manager receives the order and is easily able to pull the order from our warehouse.

(One of Team Phun's Inventory Warehouses)

Shipping / Handling

Once Team Phun recieves an order, the warehouse manager removes the requested order from the warehouse, and then items are packaged and shipped directly to the event location or NDWA’s members/clients.