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We are excited to share our new MVP Program for your short-term storage needs!

Keeping up with the buying demands of each season is hard when you might not have the space to store all your merch. So, follow along to learn more about the benefits of our new program and how to get started!

What is the MVP program:

At Team Phun, we are constantly looking for ways to help build custom solutions for you so you have less to worry about, and we know storage is a huge roadblock for those looking to expand their business. Whether you are a restaurant with merch to sell, the manager of a sales team with employee gifts, or a hotel with a gift shop to stock, space for next season's items is hard to come by and will typically stop you from ordering in advance.

Enter our MVP Program.

By increasing your order to the following quantity tier, you'll get access to 6 months of storage space at either of our warehouse locations (San Diego, CA, or North Charleston, SC) for a small storage fee. You then can choose between our 1 or 2 PULL programs within that initial six months.

(Explanation of what is in a 1 Pull program, and what is in a 2 Pull program)

Who is the MVP Program for:

Our new MVP Program is for anyone! But in case you are looking for more specifics, check to see if you meet any of the criteria below:

  • You place an order for the same items every month or every two months

  • You always run out of the products you need most

  • You don't have space to store excess items that you know you'll need in three weeks

  • Your program will be growing in the next six months

  • Most of the time, when placing an order, there is some stock issue

  • You are moving towards hiring a fulfillment service but want to test it out first

  • You want to get ahead of ordering for the holidays but have nowhere to put those items

  • You love puppies

If any of the above sound like something you've thought about or have questioned, our MVP Program is a perfect solution!


In addition to saving more per unit, our MVP Program will also help you stay ahead of stock issues. We know with the current climate right now, overseas products can take longer to be shipped, and the most popular items are constantly running out of stock. By placing an order with higher quantities, you can plan and guarantee to have enough for the coming months!

And it's no secret to us; we know placing an order can take some time, and making sure the right person on your team is approving the final digital mockup can be the longest part of the process! With our MVP Program, when you are looking to pick up some of your stored product, you won't have to go through our normal approval process but will be directed to our Operations Team, who can get your order ready in as little as 24 hours.

Are you looking to try out our fulfillment program? With your products already being stored at our facilities, we can easily add on our pick-packing services, so you don't have to sort, bag, and ship every order. We can do it for you. Simply send us your list of addresses and leave the rest to us!


Our MVP Program will take your promotional items to the next level and keep you at ease along the way!