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Looking to Increase Your Brand Visibility? Phun For All Has You Covered!

Did you know we have an experiential marketing team in-house? Team Phun's sister company Phun for All is an experiential marketing company, creating unique and engaging experiences for brands and their customers. Phun for All works closely with brands to build a strategic experiential marketing plan; from planning and creative solutions to logistics, staffing, and management via reporting and analysis. This will increases brand awareness and ultimately a significant return on your brand's investment.

Now that you know this crucial information, let's get down to how to utilize Phun for All for maximum efficiency.

Step One: Know your brand's goals

What are you looking to achieve? Is there an upcoming promotion or sale happening? Do you want to expand your product into a new region/area? Is there a new product that needs to be sampled? Looking to get some boots on the ground and start off-premise activations? Once you've honed in on what you'd like to gain from experiential marketing, Phun For All can begin to tailor a marketing plan specific to your brand's needs.


Now that you have your goals in mind, Phun for All can help you plan, in advance. Planning when and how you want to execute your campaign should be done as early as 1-2 months before the desired start date. Events and off-premise activations have busy seasons; May-August and October-December, and getting ahead of the game will give you the advantage of a smooth campaign!

Why so early?

Secure your preferred venue

Whole Foods or bust for off-premise activations? Booking early gives you the best chances of operating out of your desired locale AND access to the best times during the day to choose from.

Elite Staffing

Phun for All provides staffing for your events/activations with trained and even certified Brand Ambassadors. Scheduling tastings/events early give you access to a larger pool of Brand Ambassadors that will fit your brand aesthetic.


When scheduling ahead of time Brand Ambassadors have access to training materials that explain your brand's ethos, back story, and objectives.


Understanding your brand provides Brand Ambassadors with the tools to foster connections with current customers, potential customers, and even managers of the stores they operate out of, leading to brand loyalty with future purchases.