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Level up on Brand Consumption

Do you know what your consumers/clients are looking for in a product? Will the product they choose influence anyone else they may meet while wearing it? These are a few key components to think about when promoting your brand. Having the correct insight into what consumers are looking for will help your business gain visibility and brand loyalty.

A recent ASI 2022 study found that the top 5 most influential promo products in the United States are currently:

This study also found that consumers are more drawn to brands that offer environmentally friendly products. Providing clients with more sustainable options in their selections made clients favor particular brands over others.

With 46% of consumers proven to have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional products they receive are environmentally friendly, it is a wise investment for companies wanting brand favorability.

Did you know?

Promotional Outerwear- is kept by consumers for at least 16 months, that’s 6,100 impressions!

Performance Wear- as a top 5 most influential promo product you can’t go wrong with this one.

Tote Bags - another solid product that consumers literally bring with them everywhere! Whether shopping at the grocery store, packing for a flight, or heading to the beach think of all the wonderful places your tote bag could get noticed! Tote bags were kept for an average of 11 months, generating 3,300 impressions in that amount of time!

Headwear - an attractive piece of headwear that will already please a consumer, but it will also generate 3,400 impressions when worn and is typically kept for around 10 months!

Check out a few of our own recent projects below!

By utilizing our own knowledge of brand consumption Team Phun has been able to guide our clients into making more educated decisions when it comes to creating and designing merchandise.

Performance Wear

Our client United Infrastructure requested high-quality shirts that they could gift their employees for Christmas. Team Phun suggested performance wear shirts, with a luxe feel, sweat-wicking properties, and the ability to be worn to work or other daily activities these tees fit the bill.

(Mock-up of performance wear T-shirts created for Team Phun client United Infrastructure)

Tote Bags

Team Phun client, Ocean Park Inn, is a family-owned and operated hotel in San Diego CA. They came to Team Phun looking for expertise on products they could offer to those that stayed at their hotel to remember their stay once they went back home. Tote bags were suggested as an addition to their merch line since their location is steps away from the beach and a tote bag would be essential in bringing their beach day items with them. Team Phun knew that this essential item would accumulate plenty of impressions.

(Branded tote bags created for Team Phun client Ocean Park Inn)


This time Team Phun created unique headwear for its own team! With a rise in popularity of silicone patches, we took it to the next level by placing them on a classic trucker snapback emitting a retro 80s vibe. With the sleek and clean backdrop of a snapback hat and punchy silicone patches, this is one hat that will definitely get noticed!