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As the holidays are closely approaching…it is time to start thinking about gifting!

At the top of our client's holiday wish lists for 2022 are Tech items! From portable chargers and Bluetooth listening devices.. to drones, earbuds, mobile chargers, and smart home gadgets, we can brand it all!

We live in a technological age where we are always on our phones, tablets, and laptops and utilize all sorts of different tech items to help us get through our days or get more productive!

Here are a few statistics as to WHY branding tech promo items can be beneficial for your company:

  • Tech items are becoming more popular with consumers but it seems they like to keep it simple, 56% would still choose a USB stick over a power bank. (ASI Central)

  • An impressive 58% of consumers already own a promotional USB stick. (ASI Central)

  • Why do they keep them? Because they’re useful! 56% of consumers said that usefulness was a reason that they kept hold of a USB. (ASI Central)

  • Power banks still have a place in the tech product category, with a third of consumers owning a promotional power bank. (ASI Central)

  • They tend to be kept for 12 months, on average and will generate 900 impressions during that time, giving a CPI of one cent for a $10 item. (ASI Central)

  • In the UK, 28% of corporate gift receivers prefer tech-based items. (OnRec)

With those statistics in mind, it would be TechSmart for you to dive into our catalog and see what tech items we can brand for you! Below are a few of our phavorties that our clients and our team loves!


Bluetooth speakers are a no-brainer when it comes to branded promotional items. Almost everyone loves music, but sometimes it can be hard to get your phone loud enough for everyone to hear! With an incredibly wide range of Bluetooth speakers that come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and some are even waterproof…there is sure to be a speaker solution for your company and clients! Below are a few:

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Bluetooth EARBUDs & Headphones

Music to (IN) my ears! We all love a good pair of earbuds or headphones. Let your brand or company be HEARD with a sweet set of Bluetooth / wireless earbuds or headphones. These items are perfect for giveaways, employee gifts, and individual customer purchases. With many different styles for us to brand for your team, let the music flow and find your perfect fit today!

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power banks

Since we tend to be on our phones more often than not these days, our phones tend to die more often! Stop dead batteries in their tracks with mobile power banks! These items are small, concealable and most of all have a lot of branding options to go with them! Power up your branding on the go with the wide variety of power banks that we have to offer!