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Get Phestive!

The holiday season has arrived! The classic PSL is available at Starbucks and Halloween decor is already in stores! Before you know it, parking lots full of Christmas trees will be popping up.

Holidays allow for ample opportunity to create phun and phestive events, giving your brand or business tons of visibility and exposure! Creative signage & displays, T-shirts, socks, swag bags, you name it we can create it! Sometimes we find ourselves thinking outside the box to finalize a brand’s vision, and that’s exactly what we did for this project. Follow along on our Santa Run case study with our good phriends at San Diego Running Co.


San Diego Santa Run hosted by San Diego Running Co.

Desired Product

Something phestive for the 5K participants to wear while running, but not just your average participant T-shirt.

Collaboratively Team Phun and San Diego Running Co. opted to create Santa suits with short sleeves and shorts instead of pants/long sleeves. The Santa suits in and of itself create a sense of camaraderie for participants and allow them to run in the San Diego winter weather comfortably.

(Image of Santa suit created by Team Phun for client San Diego Running Co.)

(The many happy faces of the Santa Run 5K participants in San Diego)

Team Phun is currently working with San Diego Running Co. for the Santa Run 5K 2021, creating another memorable experience for San Diego. If you're interested in signing up for this year's event click here! Team Phun has been outfitting San Diego Running Co. participants in Santa suits since 2018!

Remember, holiday events create multiple opportunities to get your brand/business seen and heard of! Stand out from the crowd and create showstopping signage & displays, promo items, and phestive merch! Remember first impressions are everything, make sure your business is seen as professional, in the know, and especially unique.

(Mock-up of custom event table cover and tent created by Team Phun)

(Image of custom Santa run T-shirts and socks Team Phun made for client San Diego Running Co. ) (We can make custom sunglasses as well ;))

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