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Have you ever tried searching for a business while driving around aimlessly and hungry for brunch at a loss of where to go? You rely on your mobile search results to provide you with accurate information so you can find that brunch spot and get that Eggs Bennie. Team Phun wants to help your business grow and increase your web and foot traffic, and one way to do that is with our Listing Builder program. Team Phun utilizes four management tools to improve your online presence and provide a strong foundation for increased growth and traction.

Listing Builder Team Phun Digital Marketing Services

Listing Builder Management Tools

#1: Google Insights

Google Insights allows you to view your customer’s activities online. Utilizing Google Ads helps them find your business, and through Google Insights you can view what consumers do next after locating your listing; Do they call your business? Do they make a purchase? Do they come to your brick-and-mortar shop? You can even see the time/day of customer online visits.

Google Insights Dashboard Team Phun Digital Marketing

Example of Google Insights Dashboard

#2: Listing Sync

Online listings are important to consumers. The information they search for should be accurate and up to date. Successful business listings should allow customers to find your company with ease. Through Listing Sync you can manage your data in one hub and appear in more places across the web. Your listing can be utilized via multiple sites such as; Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Through our Listing Sync tool, you can make unlimited updates and safeguard your listing from changes by third parties.

#3: Listing Distribution

This tool allows you to create accurate business listings on major data aggregators. Data aggregators generate a business' information via a variety of outlets, including search engines, social media platforms, review sites, and business directories. Thus improving the chances your potential customers can find your company in a local search and broadening your reach and online visibility.

Listing Distribution Team Phun Digital Marketing Services

Example of Listing Builder Dashboard

#4: My Listing

You want your company to appear across multiple device formats; website, mobile, and tablet, and this tool does just that. Easily display your contact information and store/showroom hours so that no potential customers or sales are lost.

Listing Distribution Team Phun Digital Marketing Services

Example of Multiple Device Formats