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Experiential Marketing takes on St. Patrick's Day

Looking to get your brand noticed and into consumers' hands? St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect time to garner attention! Get in front of as many people as you can while they are out searching for the perfect food or beverage to bring to their St Patrick's Day party!

Team Phun's experiential marketing division Phun for All has you covered! Our team at Phun for All has the experience and expertise to curate specialized customer experiences. From in-store tastings to a booth at a festival, our goal is to get your company noticed and cultivate brand loyalty.

(Phun for All Brand Ambassador working for Truly Hard Seltzer at an in-store activation)

Phun for All utilizes Brand Ambassadors to get your product into the hands of new and existing consumers, they are trained on the ins and outs of your product, so that there is always an answer for any question that may arise. Your brand/business is given access to a client portal where you can review analytics showcasing the successes of your activations, amount of consumers you were connected with, and 24/7 customer service.

Regardless of where your brand headquarters is located, Phun for All has Brand Ambassadors employed across the U.S, furthering your ability to bring your product to other markets. Brand Ambassadors bring their professionalism and unmatched level of customer service to your events. They are educated and trained on your brand, and will engage with consumers building brand awareness.

(Customers purchasing product after sampling at an in-store activation)

Currently, Phun for All has in-store activations available to schedule at Whole Foods and Total Wine & More to get you ready for St. Patrick's Day! Connect with Phun for All here!

Still wondering how your brand can utilize Phun for All’s services? See below!

  • On-premise activations

  • Hosting an event at your brewery, restaurant, etc.

  • Off-premise activations

  • Offering samples of your product at Whole Foods, Total Wine & More, Ralphs, etc.

  • Special events

  • Booths at parades

  • Trade shows

  • Booths at carnivals

  • Bar night

  • Guerrilla marketing

  • Brand Ambassadors walk around handing out samples of products at a community event

Still unsure how experiential marketing can help your brand/business?

  • 35% of customers who try a sample will buy the sampled product in the same shopping trip

  • 58% agree they would buy the product again

  • 59% of consumers are likely to tell others about new products they've experienced

  • Free samples build trust, and 95% of customers sa