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Endless Pastabilities!

Starting a new company can be exciting, but there are a lot of branding needs to think about! At Team Phun, we can help you from the very beginning and assist you with endless branding materials and creative suggestions along the way!

Our PHriend Adrianna of Not Your Nonna's Sauce Company came to us at the beginning of her business planning to create a custom logo. Our Creative Director Jared, collaborated with her to create her vision. She wanted a custom illustration of herself making the sauce with a classic Italian color scheme.

From there, we finalized and printed the custom sauce labels complete with ingredients and all required Nutritional Fact information. We can measure, design, and create custom product packaging and labels to fit the containers of your choice.

Next, Adrianna wanted to create some catchy and engaging merchandise for her booth at the flea market. Her saucy attitude had a great idea to do a play on "The Godfather" logo. She wanted it to say "Legalize Marinara" in true Godfather style, so we created this custom design for shirts and tank tops for her brand.

All of the above are great items to get started, but the pastabilities are endless! The New Year brings fresh ideas and motivation, so contact us when you are ready to make some PHun Merch for 2020!

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