Electrify your brand awareness with tech promotional items!

At Team Phun, we create custom branded swag that people actually want to receive. Promotional items are great because the cost per impression can be as low as 1/10 of one cent, which is lower than nearly all other forms of advertising.*

At the top of our clients wish list for 2020 are Tech items! From portable chargers and bluetooth listening devices.. to drones, fitness trackers and smart home gadgets, we can brand it all!

An article from TechCrunch said it best….“There’s little doubt that nearly everyone who comes in contact with the Internet has difficulty disconnecting: People everywhere are glued to their devices.” This is why portable power banks and wireless charging pads have grown to be one of the top requested promotional items in 2020.

Other top requested tech accessories are:

• Multiple Port USB Hub's

• Car Chargers

• Earbuds

• Wireless Speakers

• Wearable Speakers

• Wireless Headphones

• Microfiber Cloth

• App-Enabled Smart Buttons

Contact us to discuss the best product to fit your needs!

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