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Direct to Garment Printing!

Looking to create branded merchandise for your clients/employees, but getting pushback from your supplier on the number of colors you want, long production times, or even inadequate quantity? Let’s talk about Direct to Garment (DTG) printing. Utilizing your desired design via software for the DTG printer, the image is then printed directly onto your garment, in a matter of minutes!

DTG is ideal for:

  • Low quantity orders

  • Fast turnaround / shorter production time

  • Unlimited color palette

  • Complex designs

  • Environmentally friendly

What is the DTG printing process?

  1. The garment is pre-treated to enhance the washability of your ink

  2. The garment is then placed under a heat-press, this flattens the fibers to allow for a smoother print job

  3. Item is then secured on the printer

  4. Your design is uploaded to the software and specs are calculated accordingly

  5. Cure

  6. Push Print!

  7. Swag complete!

(Image of design process for DTG printing)

Follow along on Team Phun’s case study with Portland Video Production Company.

Case Study: Portland Video Production Company

Portland Video Production Company™ is a one-stop, full-service video production company based in Portland, Oregon. From non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, producing high-caliber videos that tell your story.

Desired product: Multi-colored design on black shirts with an order quantity of just 12.

Portland Video Production Co. needed shirts for their drone flight crew and employees but only needed 12 pieces. The design consisted of multiple colors. Had they decided to create their product via screen printing, they would’ve needed to create 10 screens for their shirts. Utilizing DTG allowed them to keep costs low and allowed for a more complex design.

Step One: Ideation

Portland Drone Video Production Co. wanted black T-shirts with a colorful design that would stand out. Team Phun’s graphic designers worked with the company to solidify their vision.

Team Phun can rebrand or create custom artwork for any project!

(Image of Portland Video Production Company logo and desired colors)

Step Two: Digital Proof/Mock-up

Team Phun’s graphic design team then created a mock-up of the desired shirt and graphic. This will typically be sent over within several business days. Once Portland Video Production Co. gave final approval on the mock-up, production commenced.