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Custom Sticker Program!

Get in on the phun and stick out from the crowd!

Sometimes overlooked as a marketing tool, stickers, are an incredibly reliable and cost-effective way to get your brand, business, or point across! Clients enjoy decorating their personal spaces/items such as laptops, phones, luggage, water bottles, cars, etc! They are proudly displaying their loyalty to their favorite brands/businesses wherever they go!

Here are some more ways to utilize stickers as a marketing tool!

(Example of a collection of die-cut stickers decorating a laptop)

Swag - Have a trade show or event coming up? Place stickers in swag bags or along your table for clients to easily grab.

Packaging - When boxing up ordered merch from clients, add some unique custom stickers to the package. It adds a personal touch when customers open their goods. Order wrapped in tissue paper? Add a custom sticker to seal the wrapping paper, elevating the unboxing experience. Own a restaurant with takeout and curbside pickup? Brandish their takeaway bags with custom stickers.

(Example of custom sticker for tissue paper wrapping)

Marketing Campaigns - Have a small marketing budget to work with? Utilize custom-designed stickers to garner attention by letting customers strategically place stickers “responsibly” out in public spaces! Did you know Reddit used this tactic in their early days when they had limited funds?

(Team Phun custom sticker spotted out in the wild)

Branded Merchandise - Sell phun and colorful branded stickers on your e-commerce site, giving online buyers something simple and attractive to place in their carts to meet shipping minimums.

Assortment of Styles!

Custom stickers can come in countless forms, from roll labels to clear stickers, the potential use and style options are endless! Think stickers used on floors to let patrons know where to stand or large clear stickers that can be used on a window allowing your logo to really pop! Unsure what to put on a sticker? Work with our dream team of graphic designers to provide you with inspiration!

(Example of clear sticker used for a business window)

(Example of custom floor sticker)