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Custom Signage and Displays!

Creating visible and distinct signage and/or displays allows your brand to communicate efficiently with clients. It can be used to let clients know what floor your office is on, where to park, and where to stand in line. Custom signage can be a branded pop-up tent at a trade show or even a social media wall. Standing out at an event doesn't mean design needs to be visually loud or noisy. Simple brand visibility can also be the way to go. Seeing a familiar logo/brand amongst a sea of others, allows customers to find you easily and quickly in a crowded area.

Follow along as we dive into our case study with Team Phun client WhistlePig!

Case Study: Pop-up Tent & Social Media Wall

Client: WhistlePig - a company committed to crafting the world's finest and most interesting Rye Whiskeys

Desired Products: Branded tent for Comic-Con 2019 & social media wall for a tasting event

Step One: Ideation

WhistlePig wanted a pop-up tent for Comic-Con 2019. They wanted to have clear brand visibility to their fans/clients, as Comic-Con can get thick with crowds. They provided Team Phun with the logo design they wanted to use. Team Phun also created a step and repeat pattern for a custom social media wall that was used at a tasting event. (Team Phun can rebrand or create custom artwork for any project).

(Example of Team Phun graphic design process for a pop-up tent for client WhistlePig)

Step Two: Mock-Up/Digital Proof

Once we solidified WhistlePig's vision, our graphic designers began creating mock-ups that then required final approval from WhistlePig. (Typically Team Phun will have your mock-up sent to you within a couple of business days).

(Example of Team Phun mock-up for client WhistlePig)

Step Three: Final Product

After final approval of mock-ups, production commenced. WhistlePig wanted two custom signage products; a pop-up tent and social media wall, both of which took around 2 weeks to complete. (Depending upon the custom project, the timeline may differ).

(Final product of custom pop-up tent for Team Phun client WhistlePig)