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custom pocket tee program

Our custom pocket tee program has been a staple at Team Phun from the beginning. Whether you're looking for a unique way to show off your brand in your retail space, creating a phun look for your event, or simply re-ordering, check out our process below! ๐Ÿ‘‡

find your style

What sets this program apart from others is being able to choose any style of t-shirt for your pocket. Team Phun has access to hundreds of shirt options so you don't have to compromise on style, fit, or feel. From your basic tees and tanks to more specialty blends and unique styles, you get to pick what works best for you and your brand.

Check out some of our phavorites below or scroll through our online catalog for ideas!

(Image of blank t-shirts)

design your pocket

Whether you're looking to add a single logo or create an all-over design to be sublimated, we can work with you to create a custom pocket for your brand that will stand out from the rest.

Our pocket process starts by creating a digital design that is sublimated onto fabric. Sublimation is a method of printing that transfers a design into a material or fabric using heat and ink. This method of printing allows for seamless designs for a unique decoration method.

First, your design will print onto special paper. The inks used will then turn into gas when brought under heat, and when combined with the fabric, are then permanently printed onto the textile. The effects are permanent and less prone to fading, as the ink is embedded into the fabric or substrate rather than simply laying on top like a regular print.

(Visual of the pocket design process)

Unlike screen-printing onto a pocket tee, this sublimation process allows for more freedom within a design. With screen printing, we are limited by the size of the pocket; however, sublimation allows for more extensive designs without the worry of printing small details.

Our custom pocket program is suitable for small batch orders and allows for a unique look without committing to an entire cut-and-sew program.

delivered ready to sell

Part of our process that we are very proud of is our Quality Control overview completed by our Operational Specialists before your order is ready for pickup or delivery. Once your order is processed, printed, and sewn, our Operational Specialists look through each item by hand to check for any discrepancies. Our QC process ensures you can immediately distribute your products at your event, add to your shelves, or distribute them to your employees once in your hands.

(Video of Team Phun pocket tee)

WANT SOME CUSTOM POCKET TEES MADE? Connect with us BELOW and we'll be happy to help you get started!