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Custom Beanies & Scarves!

Bundle up in style this winter!

Winter weather is creeping our way so stay warm with custom beanies and scarves! Although if you live in SoCal you know that the temp could drop to a mere 65 and everyone has a beanie on…;) Looking to add weather-appropriate merch to your retail shop? Stay warm during football season and offer beanies in your chosen team’s colorway.

Team Phun can create custom beanies for your brand or business in a handful of styles.

  • Select your style of beanie

- Cuffed

- Uncuffed

- Ribbed knit

- Knit beanies with pom pom

  • Customization selection

- Choose your colors

- Choose Adult or Youth size

- Create custom patches for your beanie

- Knit a custom logo or lettering directly onto the beanie

(Image showing customization options for beanies)

Custom Scarves

Sometimes when I think about scarves I tend to think about Harry Potter. That burgundy and mustard yellow striped scarf tossed around his neck. That scarf shows his allegiance to the House of Gryffindor. Just as soccer fans wear their scarves to show allegiance to a specific team! Design custom scarves with your brand or business on them, and utilize them as employee gifts. You'll keep your employees warm and get brand visibility at the same time!

**Please keep in mind turnaround time for these custom products are 30 business days.**

(Knit beanie with embroidered custom patch created for Team Phun client Spill the Beans)

(Image of custom color knit beanie with lettering and pom created for Team Phun client Fernet-Branca)

(Image of custom scarf that Team Phun can create for your brand/business)

Ready to create custom beanies or scarves?? We have you covered! Literarlly! COntact your Local Team Phun Sales Rep today!