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Continuing Education Leads to Continued Success

Here at Team Phun, we love to learn and of course, believe that knowledge is power. Wasn't that some cheesy 80’s slogan? Regardless, we like to provide our employees with plenty of opportunities to refresh their comprehension in sales, marketing, advertising, system processes, and beyond! Currently, we have employees with varying specialty certificates, such as Six Sigma, CAS, TAS, BASI, and MASI to name a few, as well as degrees from varying universities.

Team Phun owners Sean Burns and Jesse Goodwick believe education has no bounds and although some owners would be complacent already being at the top, they strive to continue their professional development while encouraging others along the way. Their desire to achieve more and learn more has landed Team Phun as a top distributor in the nation two years and running. Most recently being ranked 2nd fastest growing distributor in the US.

Being in such a competitive market means accruing new skill sets and fine-tuning the ones you already have in order to stand out, be relative, and stay at the top. Sean completed his Bachelors in Advertising Specialty Information (BASI) showing he possesses the fundamental knowledge needed to profitably navigate the promotional products marketplace, and recently Jesse completed his Masters in Advertising Specialty Information (MASI) this certification recognizes him as a true industry expert, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, knowledge, and experience. (ASI)

Team Phun wants our clients to know that we aspire to provide not just the best quality in products, services, and goods, but that we possess the crucial knowledge needed to succeed in this industry. To infinity and beyond!

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