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Classic Holiday Shirts

What's a classic holiday-themed shirt that everyone loves??? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you're thinking ugly sweaters we are on the same wavelength! Ugly sweaters provide plenty of entertainment in countless ways! Ugly sweater party? Ugly sweater bar crawl? Ugly sweater 5K? This classic holiday staple really gets people talking and can even get quite competitive!

If you’ve been with Team Phun from the beginning then you may remember these classic sweaters. "The Stocket" circa 2013, was the perfect shirt for going out! RIP little sweaters you were a good one….

(Image of The Stocket created, designed, and produced by Team Phun)

Put your employees in the phestive spirit with an ugly sweater-esque uniform! Do you have an upcoming fundraiser? Make it a themed event! We can create an ugly sweater image on your phavorite T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, or sweatshirt. Unsure what style of design you want? That’s why we have graphic designers in-house! Our Team Phun graphic designers will create the best design to fit your brand standards à la holiday edition! Get ready to create a memorable merch line for this holiday season!

(Ugly sweater themed holiday long-sleeved shirt created for Team Phun client San Diego FirefighterAid)

(Image of holiday-themed T-shirt created by Team Phun)

(Example of holiday-themed sweatshirt mocked up by Team Phun)

Are you ready to get in the holiday spirit?? Create a unique spin on the classic ugly holiday sweater and show off your brand!! Contact your Team Phun sales rep today!!

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