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Business Cards!

A simple and creative refresh for your business.

The new year is quickly approaching and during this time a lot of resolutions are made. Usually to create a newer spiffed-up version of oneself or in this specific context a spiffier updated version of one’s business. An incredibly simple and effective way to put a fresh foot forward in the new year is to create new business cards.

Business cards are a tangible way to network with others in your industry or perhaps when branching out into other areas of interest. You can leave a lasting impression with an updated or even unconventional business card.

(Image of Seen Dating business cards created by Team Phun)

Unique Business Card Ideas
  • Add a QR code giving clients a creative and interactive way to check out your business

  • Utilize a unique shape. Does your business make T-shirts? Create a business card in the shape of a T-shirt, the options are limitless

  • Get creative! Team Phun created baseball trading cards one year. Boy was it fun to hand to San Diego Padres Hall-of-Famer Randy Jones! He loved it!

  • Select your finish. Glossy, velvet, matte, etc. Mix it up or pick one finish for a minimalistic and cohesive vibe.

(A creative take on a business card! An air freshener business card created by Team Phun for client Spine & Sport)

(An assortment of phun and unique Team Phun business cards!)

Unsure how to make a professional splash with your business cards? No worries, our in-house graphic designers are here to help. Contact Team Phun today to create high-quality business cards that reflect your brand/business’ creative spirit, making networking a cinch!

Looking for a big refresh? We can help you rebrand as well! Find out why they call us the branding experts!