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Brand Name Outerwear

The weather is getting colder and your company won’t want to miss out on some serious branding opportunities for outerwear. Everyone loves a good jacket, heavyweight hoodie, and even some light windbreakers.

At Team Phun, we have great relationships with some top brand names that are crushing the outwear space. Those brands are companies like Carhartt, Columbia, and The North Face. All of these companies specialize in outwear, but let’s break down what your company should be getting from each one!

Keep on scrolling to see just some of the things we offer for outerwear!


One of the top workwear and outerwear companies in the industry, Carhartt is a perfect option for heavy-duty jackets and hoodies. Carhartt is durable rugged, made for hard work, and to withstand the elements. Whether you are looking for team items, durable work / outwear for your customers, Team Phun can source the Carhartt products that fit the best for your needs! See below for some of the popular styles that are guaranteed to be worn in by your team and customers!

With so much more to choose from, contact Team Phun today to see what works best for you and your company!

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The north face

Cold winter weather is probably at your doorstep depending upon where you reside! Time to slide into those puffer jackets, vests, and windbreakers my phriends, winter is here! Such a classic outdoor brand, The North Face is a must-have and go-to for your employees or customers this fall & winter. PUFFERS are available in women’s and men’s silhouettes, these puffer jackets are water and wind-resistant with insulation to keep you warm and dry. Not only does The North Face have great puffer jackets, but they have awesome vests as well! Coming in both men’s and women’s, this VEST has ThermoBall™ synthetic insulation that delivers lightweight, easy warmth that retains heat even when wet, Insulation is made from 100% post consumer recycled content, reverse-coil zipper on center front, concealed, secure-zip hand pockets and packs into the chest pocket. The North Face has many more options to offer, click the link HERE to find out what works best for you!

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Not super cold where you reside? Winter weather can be a rainy season for some tro