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Baja Blankets with Custom Patches

Team Phun has been churning out Baja blankets for years. We take pride in working with our manufacturer who sources them from Mexico, bringing you authentic and well-made blankets. The blankets are made from recycled textiles such as shirts, pants, and sheets. They grind the recycled fabric, spin it into thread, then dye it a myriad of colors. Truly one-of-a-kind product! Complete your Baja blanket with custom patches! Read on!

Baja Blanket and Custom Patch Customizations

  • Select from a plethora of colorways that suit your brand

  • Select the desired patch size

  • Utilize your own logo/artwork or work with a Team Phun graphic designer to create something new!

  • Artwork/logo for patches are then printed via DTG printer

  • Patches are then sewn onto Baja blankets and shipped to you!

(Image of blanket and patch customization options)

Check out our case study with Ohana Surf Shop!

Case Study: Ohana Surf Shop - Family owned and operated one-stop beach shop

Location: Hutchison Island in Stuart, Florida

Desired Product: Baja beach blankets with custom patches to sell out of their retail surf shop in Florida. Ohana Surf Shop wanted to have these custom blankets on hand for the upcoming season, knowing locals and tourists will be coming back to the beaches with the warmer weather.

Step One: Ideation

Ohana Surf Shop already had a logo they loved, showcasing a vintage VW van. Working with our graphic designers they selected the size patch they wanted to use and the location of patch placement. Ohana Surf Shop also felt they should go with multiple colorways providing customers with more options. (Team Phun can rebrand or create custom artwork for any project!)

Step Two: Mock-up/Digital Proof

With all design requests and ideas finalized, Team Phun graphic designers submitted a digital proof for Ohana Surf Shop to approve. Once approved patches start production. (Typically digital proofs are sent within 2 business days).

(Example of Team Phun's digital proof for Ohana Surf Shop)

Step Three: Final Product

For these patches, we used our DTG printer. DTG printing allows for more complex designs and the use of multiple colors. From start to finish this product will take approximately 3 weeks to get to the client! Learn more about DTG printing here!

(Image of custom patches hot off the DTG printer for Ohana Surf Shop)

(Rendered image of Team Phun's completed custom patch Baja blankets for Ohana Surf Shop)

Want to see all colors offered? Click the button below to view a PDF you can download!

Interested in creating unique Baja blankets for your brand/company?? Contact us today to get started!!

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