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There’s been a big push over the years to eat local, peruse farmers' markets for veggies from your neighbors, and decrease your carbon footprint, etc. We don’t usually hear someone asking if a t-shirt they are purchasing is local, but we should be. It puts money back into our economy, creates jobs, and gets our communities bustling again. There are a lot of companies dedicated to producing American-made garments so we’ve rounded up some of our phavorite Made in USA wearables.

Ralph's Phavorite American-made products

Bella + Canvas

Our most ordered T-shirt 3001 comes in a 100% American-made version 3001U. From the thread to the cut & sew process, it is all completed in-house. The Airlume combed cotton creates the perfect foundation to display your business/logo and it's one of the softest shirts around! Learn more about their dedication to American-made products here.

(Image of Bella + Canvas 3001U unisex jersey t-shirts with custom Team Phun graphics)


What’s more American than a classic trucker cap? Completely manufactured and made in the USA by union workers nonetheless, this company is giving new life to factories that once were in disarray, and invigorating the local economy. Emblazon your logo/motto on the front of this cap and let the good times roll.

(Image of custom design by Team Phun on a classic trucker hat)


Get comfy in this 50/50 blend fleece zip-up, proudly Made in the USA. Plenty of colors to choose from to get you cozy during an evening chill. Add custom embroidery, patch, or screenprint to flaunt your business.

(Image of Royalapparel unisex zip-up fleece hoodie 3150)

Looking to go a step further? Try checking the Fair Labor Association webpage to see if the manufacturers/suppliers you work with are a part of this growing organization. You will find organizations/brands that have committed to ensuring fair labor practices and safe and humane working conditions throughout their supply chains.

Looking to support your local economy and communities by purchasing American Made products? Interested in trying Made in USA clothing for your business? Contact us today to get started!

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