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A Little Phun for Everyone

With two awesome PHriday's approaching in early 2020: Valentines Day on February 14th and March 6th being National Employee Appreciation Day, these two holidays are a great time to show your staff or customers some love!

At Team Phun, we feel that it is important to not only show your customer's some love, but your employees as well. We have high expectations of our staff, but we don't go too long without showing them we appreciate all of their hard work by having some PHun!

Employees are arguably the most important component of a successful business. Employees put a human face on the product, build relationships with customers, and define the work culture that feeds business performance – yet 32% of companies struggle to retain top talent.

What defines an effective retention strategy varies from business to business, but there is one common element that has been found to work across most business types and sectors: employee recognition. In fact, a recent Achievers’ study found that employees have a deep desire for recognition, with 93% hoping to be recognized at least once a quarter. In addition, 75% of employees who received at least monthly recognition (even if informal) reported being satisfied with their jobs. And finally, in a recent Harvard Business Review study, 72% of respondents ranked recognition given for high performers as having a significant impact on employee engagement.

With these kinds of numbers, it is clear that both employees and employers stand to benefit from a well-executed employee recognition program.

So, how can Team Phun help you with this?

Our creative team and sales reps can come up with some great options to fit your needs. Some of the top Valentines Day promo gifts and Employee Appreciation gifts are:

• Branded candies • Branded Tumblers and Coffee Mugs • Key Chains • Teddy Bears & other Stuffed animals with a message • Embroidered Blankets • Pins • Embroidered Jackets • Branded notebooks and daily planners & More! • (858) 598-5563