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Cupid (Goldie) Has Arrived

Well, well, well.

After nine long months, the stork finally came and delivered Team Phun a new salesperson, Goldie Gray Goodwick. It was smooth flying, we were told, and she is making her mark as Cupid for our upcoming Valentine's Day marketing materials. Wait, we were just told that the stork story was complete B.S. In any case, we are happy to celebrate the birth of our first Team Phun baby.

Jesse and Jenny Goodwick spawned a lucky little diamond and we couldn't be happier. Since arriving into this world via cabbage patch, she has been nothing but a beacon of light, and we can't wait to put her to work. Oh jeez, we were just told the cabbage patch story is complete B.S., too.

Well, wherever this little lady came from, we're stoked to have her in the Phamily. Congratulations to Jesse and Jenny from your Team Phun Phamily and Phriends. She's gonna be a great addition to the Team.

Goldie Gret of Team Phun

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