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Take Bigger Risks, Have More Phun

We run a little rebellious here at Team Phun, bucking the mainstream for the unconventional, seeking out unique products and services that stand in contrast to the mundane. We take risks, and that will never change.

Last year, we attended the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, looking for a new sales channel to inject our somewhat goofy, always Phun style into. After 73 meetings, we just couldn't find a great fit...and came back to San Diego wondering who was working in this licensing space and having Phun.

After discussing the experience with one of our favorite clients, we were introduced to the San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA), as a potential licensor for apparel. A few meetings later, some documents were signed, and we were officially in the licensing game with a partner we felt comfortable and happy with.

Fast forward a couple of months, and we are on the heels of our 2018 Housewarming Party, celebrating a major milestone in tripling our showroom space, and launching the Spring 2018 San Diego Tourism Authority apparel catalog. You will see a bunch of great screen print designs, custom Baja blankets, pocket tees, custom patches, custom stickers, some headwear, drink ware, and even some custom button downs.

If there is anything we have learned over the past five years, it is that taking bigger risks results in a lot more Phun. Come on by this Friday from 3-8pm, meet the newest addition to the Team, Nicollee Peterson, and have a beer on us. You can RSVP by clicking the image below.

Team Phun Housewarming Invitation

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