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The Top Three Full Zip Hoodies

Well, I got a few sweet things for Christmas, while visiting Phamily in Northern California. I packed light, since I had gifts to carry on my trip, and only had room for one sweatshirt.

Normally, I would go right for my Alternative Apparel Rocky Full Zip Hoody. It is one of the softest fleece options on the market, and the price reflects it at $42, SM-XL (higher for 2XL+). Also, Camo is making a big comeback this Fall/Winter, and the Rocky Full Zip has a great woodland camo print (See below).

Alternative Rocky Full Zip Hoody

That said, I had a ton of laundry to do, since I was running around before getting out of town, and it was pretty well worn from my constant abuse. It is my go to.

My backup would be the Bella + Canvas Sponge Fleece Full Zip Hoody, but I have one on order, and it had not come in yet. I think I left my original at a bar during one of our recent client Holiday parties (Shout Out Social Syndicate Group, #TheDecembertoNotRemember). The price point is the same as the Alternative hoody, and I love the light blue, although they are lacking in color options (See below).

Bella + Canvas Sponge Fleece Full Zip Hoody

I remembered that we just got in the brand new Unisex Full Zip Hoody from Independent Trading Company in Camo, and grabbed the sample from the shop before I left, without ever trying it on. After wearing it for 4 days non-stop, I can say with confidence that it is in my top three hoodies.

Without boring you with too many details, it comes in around $10 less than the Alternative and Bella options, and has very similar features. It also has more color options than the Bella, and I think it has a better looking forest Camo. Check it out below, and see for yourself. This hoody is Team Phun stamped and approved.

Independent Unisex Full Zip Hoody