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custom pins & coins

put a pin in it

Whether building lapel pins for brands, bars and restaurants, or challenge coins for our servicemen or servicewomen, we want these items to look great and represent your brand with exceptional quality.

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soft enamel pins

Soft enamel pins have raised metal edges that create a textured finish.

Best for:

  • Complex designs

  • Custom plating colors

  • Medium durability

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hard enamel pins

Hard enamel pins have a scratch-resistant finish that is smooth and flat.

Best for:

  • Less intricate artwork

  • Standard metal plating (gold or silver)

  • Adding screen printed sections

  • High durability

printed epoxy

Printed epoxy pins are screen printed designs silk-screened onto either a white background or directly onto metal.

They are then covered with an epoxy dome to protect the image.

Best for:

  • Highly detailed designs

  • Completely custom shapes

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die struck pins-01.png

die struck pins

Die-struck pins are created from copper or brass metal that are stamped or pressed with your design.

Best for:

  • Clean lines

  • Anniversary, recognition, service, and corporate pins

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