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custom patches

let us patch you up

Patches are one of our phavorite ways to decorate! They can be added to hats, hoodies, polos, backpacks and that’s just the start.  Patches add a ton of value to any blank garment. Custom patches are relatively low cost and can be used in smaller runs. 

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woven patches

Woven patches are made by
stitching a design with threads
into a piece of fabric. 

Created with a much thinner thread which enables a tighter weave so there can be more detail in the artwork.

woven patches_edited.png

Best for:

  • Text clarity

  • Color blends

  • Smaller details

embroidered patches_edited.png


Embroidered patches are patches by
which design is achieved by
interlacing threads. 

The patch can feel thicker and give off a three dimensional look. Great option for artwork that doesn't have a lot of text or details.

Best for:

  • Fewer details

  • Larger text

  • Dimension

  • Durability

sublimated patches

Sublimated patches are made by digitally printing the artwork instead of using thread.

Best for:

  • Detailed artwork

  • Lots of colors

sublimated patches_edited.png
faux leather patch_edited.png

leather & faux leather patches

Leather patches can either be debossed (recessed designs) or embossed (raised designs) with your artwork.


Both leather and faux leather patches age well over time and can be made into any shape.

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Work with your local Team Phun sales rep to find out what else we have to offer!
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