meet the TEAM

Jesse Goodwick - Principal, Operations

Jesse is trained as an engineer, receiving his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hartford. As an avid musician, skateboarder, and entrepreneur, Jesse moved to San Diego, California in 2010 and worked professionally as an engineer before starting TEAM PHUN out of a garage. Thousands of hours of research and development combined with real world experience building the brand taught him the ins-n-outs of engineering custom apparel products. Through innovative thinking and applied creativity, Jesse works with all of our customers to develop the best possible products. 

Sean Burns - Business Development

Sean is a master in business (literally), receiving a Master's in Business degree from San Diego State University. He has worked with international brands through corporate sales and product development while overseeing full production lines of custom winter gloves, apparel, large print media and more. His  experience with product design, sourcing, development, and white label branded products makes him an outstanding resource to our TEAM.

Jared Lazar - Graphic Art, Creative

Jared has all the talent. Working with Jared means you'll be working with a premier San Diego fine artist who has had his original art in professional galleries, and graphic art featured in collaboration with many of our clients. He understands the production process of custom projects and knows what it takes to obtain the best results. You can see some of Jared's original art and merchandise at