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baja blankets 
with custom patches

add a unique and sustainable product to your brand

Team Phun has been churning out Baja blankets for years. We take pride in working with our manufacturer who sources them from Mexico, bringing you authentic and well-made blankets. The blankets are made from recycled textiles such as shirts, pants, and sheets. They grind the recycled fabric, spin it into thread, then dye it a myriad of colors. Truly a one-of-a-kind product!

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choose your

Select colors that best represent your brand! We offer a multitude of color options!

Having a hard time choosing one? Feel free to mix and match an assortment of colors to give the most options to your customers/clients.


get creative!

Work with a Team Phun designer to create custom artwork for your patch.

No need to worry about the amount of colors or details, with our DTG process, we can print an unlimited color palette and complex designs to show off your brand in the most unique way!

signed, sealed,

Quality control is a big part of our process. We set high standards for our products and check merchandise before and after production.

We pride ourselves on delivering top quality products.


contact us today to get started!

Work with your local Team Phun sales rep to find out what else we have to offer!
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team phun can also help with:

and so much more!


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